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Presidential aspirant and OFW Family Partylist Rep. Roy Seneres wants President Aquino to mediate in the feud among some family members of the late Ka Erano G. Manalo.

In a statement, Seneres said he made arrangements to visit Ka Angel Manalo and his sister Ka Lottie Manalo and their mother Ka Tenny but was informed it was not possible to do so because the guards posted by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) would not allow him to enter the gate.

“I am saddened now by the fact that the human rights of Ka Angel, Ka Lottie and Ka Tenny are obviously being violated,” he said.

Seneres said he also sent groceries and bottled water but the guards refused to accept them.

He said President Aquino should meet with Ka Eduardo Manalo, the Executive Minister of the INC and offer to mediate for an amicable settlement of the feud.

“The President should stop distancing himself from the issue, because the human rights of Ka Angel and Ka Lottie and Ka Tenny are apparently already being violated, and some instances of persecution are already being reported. It also appears also that they were not accorded due process prior to their expulsion from the INC,” Seneres added.

Seneres, a lawyer, said that the said doctrine does not apply in this case because the people involved are the individual members of the INC, and not the Church itself.

“President Aquino should become aware of yet another doctrine that no one is above the law. Not unless PNoy will intervene in this case, the people might suspect that he is giving special treatment to one side of the feud because he is above the law,” he also said.

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