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Senator Grace Poe on Tuesday joined calls to extend the deadline for the installation of RFID tags on vehicles using the toll expressways.

“With hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles still to get an RFID, we call on the government to extend the period of installation beyond January 11,” she said.

The chair of the Senate committee on public services said vehicle owners should be given reasonable time to secure the stickers for the cashless payment system “considering that we are in a pandemic where movement of people are limited, if not restricted.”

“After January 11, we urge that several cash lanes be retained in both NLEX and SLEX, where motorists can avail of the RFID stickers as they pass without being penalized or given a violation record,” Poe said.

“We also propose to increase the number of RFID installation centers or booths, including malls or any area with wide open space,” she added.

RFID installation centers should also be established in strategic locations outside Metro Manila to cater to motorists from nearby provinces who regularly use the north and south expressways, she said.

This will declog the applicants in Metro Manila and ease the burden of motorists who now have to line up for hours for the sticker, Poe said.

“We all want an efficient cashless system in our expressways, but without making our public suffer what’s supposed to be a simple process of securing the RFID,” the senator said.

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