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Poe: Senate has jurisdiction over franchise review

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Senator Grace Poe on Monday said as the Constitution mandates, the Senate’s jurisdiction over franchises remains despite the existence of the quo warranto petition filed against ABS-CBN broadcast giant.

Poe, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Services, said that she does not have a copy of the petition yet which Solicitor General Jose Calida filed before the Supreme Court.

“We will not pre-empt the Court from resolving questions raised to it,” Poe said in a text message.

“In any case, every franchise undergoes a public hearing and I intend to tackle these issues in a fair and a deliberative manner,” she said.

Poe said she trusts that the Court will decide “on the basis of fairness and for the interest of the greatest number of people.”

“I think this is not just an issue of franchise, but this is in a broader stroke, a concern for fair and sound business practice, press freedom, and jobs for all the employees of the television network,” she added.

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