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The lawmaker, who is also an official of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), said Filipinos remain suspicious of any move to change the political provisions of the Constitution, particularly the term limits of the president and other elected officials.   Philippine Star

“How many times were there attempts since the 1990s to amend the political provisions and lift term limits… not only did they not succeed, but there were many protests and cases against them,” the senior administration lawmaker, who declined to be named, said. “This has no chance at all. There is no way this (lifting of term limits) will happen in the manner allowed by the Constitution, unless it will be done extra-constitutional or outside the Constitution,” the source said. Philippine Star

“I don’t think Speaker Belmonte would be party to any effort that would destroy President Cory’s and our national hero Ninoy Aquino’s revered place in Philippine history,” Atienza said. “It’s possible the President was not really serious about having a second term but why float it? Is he trying to be cute?” a senior administration lawmaker said. Philippine Star

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