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Power crisis


The DOE cannot escape answering queries though why there have been no brownouts when the Malampaya shutdown happened in November and December 2013 – when at that time, generating units of the nine of the biggest power plants were on simultaneous maintenance shutdowns and there were also occurrences of forced outages.  Yahoo News 

For 2015 summer, DOE Sec Jericho Petilla noted they are also looking at sudden outages of big generating units, such as the coal plants. Plus by March next year, the shutdown of the Malampaya gas production facility will significantly de-rate the electricity generation of the 1,200-MW Ilijan plant to just 450MW. Yahoo News 

“If you look at NGCP forecast, the supply situation is very optimistic…if you will notice, they have not included forced outage rates of plants…but in DOE’s case, we always give allowance to forced outages in assessing available supply, that’s why our outlooks don’t normally balance out,” Petilla stressed. Yahoo News

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