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President Aquino has reduced funding for the Senate but increased the budget for the House of Representatives for next year. In his P2.606-trillion 2015 budget proposal, Aquino cut funding for the 24 senators, their committees, staff and secretariat to P3.154 billion from P3.344 this year, or by P190 million. The Senate had P3.048 billion in 2013.Philippine Star

For the 300-member House, Aquino’s proposed budget is P221 million more at P6.846 billion, from this year’s P6.625 billion. Philippine Star

Even with its reduced outlay, the Senate will still have P543 million for the hiring of consultants, P229 million for travel, P84.5 million for representation expenses and P225 million for renting offices. MOOE funding for the House will also go down from P3.386 billion to P3.204 billion, or by P182 million.Philippine Star

However its CO provision will go up by P304 million, from P150 million to P453.7 million, while money for salaries will increase by nearly P100 million, from P3.088 billion to P3.189 billion.Included in the congressmen’s 2015 budget is P1.8 billion for the hiring of consultants and other professional services, P618 million for travel, P128 million for representation and P155 million for extraordinary and miscellaneous expenses.Philippine Star