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Presidential day off: Duterte dines with friends at Harbourview Hong Kong

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Even the country’s most powerful politiko needs a day off from work.

After enduring a hectic schedule in Hainan, China where he attended a regional forum and met with President Xi Jinping, President Duterte took a day off last Wednesday in Hong Kong to rest and recharge.

The President had no official public engagement for Wednesday but was spotted having a fancy dinner with allies at the Harbourview Hong Kong that night. He was accompanied by his common law wife Honeylet Avanceña during the private dinner attended by “some old friends,” based on the photo release from the Palace.

The President’s closed-door event only became known when the Palace released photos of the private affair to the media early Thursday.

Duterte’s only public schedule in Hong Kong was attending an assembly of the Filipino community in Hong Kong on Thursday night. He flies home to Davao early Friday morning.