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The price of a life: Explosive report claims P10k to P5M reward for each EJK


An unverified report on the alleged extra judicial killings is claiming that each hit made under President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal drug war ranges from a low of P10,000 for petty criminals to P5 million drug lords.

The unpublished report, “The State-Sponsored Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines”, a copy of which was obtained by Politiko, cited “three independent sources” or one each from the Quezon City Police District, Manila Police District, and Northern Police District in coming up with an alleged rewards system for EJKs nationwide.

The reward is based on the status of the victim:

1) P10,000 each for targets not on drug watch list (pickpockets, akyat-bahay, rapists, swindlers snatchers, budol-budol/dugo-dugo, alcoholics and neighborhood trouble makers)

2) P20,000 each for street level pushers and users on drug watch list

3) P50,000 for each barangay kagawad on drug watch list

4) P100,000 for barangay captains on drug watch list

5) P1 million to P2 million for drug distributors, retailers and wholesalers, including mayors

6) P5 million for drug lords who are chemists, financiers, importers and manufacturers who are on the Philippine National Police’s order of battle.

The report said the killers would get their rewards whether the hits were classified as legitimate police operations or vigilante killings or deaths under investigation.

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