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Privacy or justice? PNP to help Ateneo stop spread of bully student’s viral video


The Philippine National Police (PNP) is urging victims of bullying and their families to report such incidents to school administrations to address violence involving schoolchildren.

Supt. Kimberly Molitas, PNP deputy spokesperson, said Friday under the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013, the school administrator was tasked to take the first action in resolving cases of bullying. “We, of course, encourage families or victims or children na huwag matakot to report kung nabu-bully sila, sa kanilang mga school administrators para maaksyunan at mabigyan sila ng kaukulang tulong ng school administrator and, if needed, ng ating law enforcers,” Molitas said when sought for a comment on online videos of an alleged mauling incident in a Quezon City school involving high school students.

The PNP also called on the school administration to expedite the investigation on the incident as she asked the public to refrain from sharing the videos of bullying online.

“I think we have to allow the independence of the school administration to do the process or do the initial investigation. On our part, it is better if the action would be fast for us to determine what really happened,” Molitas said.

She added that since the video of the bullying incident has been circulating, the PNP is helping Ateneo in its plea to stop its spread to maintain the privacy of both the perpetrator and the victim.

Molitas said all individuals involved were children and that “appropriate intervention is what we should give them immediately.”

The viral videos showed a much smaller student, reportedly a taekwondo practitioner, verbally and physically attacking another student. (PNA)

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