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Producer ang peg? PIA questioned over bid invitations for Ifugao film, TV program

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The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) is coming under heavy scrutiny after its Director General, Harold Clavite, urged Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to go on leave for taking part in a racy video on federalism.

Blogger Sass Sasot recently dug up two bid invitations that raise eyebrows on whether the PIA is doing its mandate.

One invitation is for a P15-million contract for the production of a feature film on Ifugao Rice Terraces.

Sassot said she was curious why the country “needs another film” on the tourist attraction.

Another questionable bid invitation concerned a P3.8-million contract for the airing of the “Like Pinas” television program.

Based on the scope of work, the program should be aired for one season, or 13 episodes that are 30 minutes long.

Fifteen-second plugs for the program should also be aired for 13 weeks.

The program and affiliated networks must cater to classes C, D and E.

Sassot asked why PIA would need to bid out the contract for airing “Like Pinas” when the government has its own television station, PTV-4.