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Protocol alert: Duterte faces Twitter backlash over ‘dugyot’ look in Russia


The presidential protocol officers might want to double check if their boss is properly dressed in future events after a fashion gaffe in Russia.

Several netizens have taken jabs at President Duterte for his shabby appearance during a recent meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow. Some criticized Duterte was shameless for disrespecting the host with his unkempt look.

In the photos released by the Palace, Duterte wore a white shirt with an unbuttoned collar and a loose tie. The Palace has defended the President’s fashion sense, saying he dresses for comfort, and not to please other people.

@velsky71 commented: “Ang dugout talaga tingnan sana inalis na lang niya ang necktie niya kaysa ganyan. Honest opinion untidy talaga tinga.”

Former Presidential Communications official Manolo Quezon said: “Pointless to point out that the job can’t be done if from the start the host (and their population) are antagonised by the discourtesy of being sloppy: particularly in societies like China or Russia where formality matters.”

@gangbadoy wrote: “‘Necktie lang yun e.’ EXACTLY. Necktie na nga lang e.”

@envoyForHim said: “It shows his lack of respect to person and high office of his counterpart as well as the countries they both represent.”

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