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Hollywood action star Steven Seagal has become fast friends with President Rodrigo Duterte in the short span of time he is in the country.

Duterte has apparently become fond of Seagal that he allowed the American actor to join him in his visit to a military camp in Jolo, Sulu Friday (December 1).

A photo shared by Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go attributes this quote to Seagal: “You wanna get by me – there are only three things stoppin’ you: the Punisher, the rock and the selfie king.”

Of course, the selfie king is Go, while “The Punisher” is a moniker given to Duterte for cracking down on lawbreakers.

“The Rock” is Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, who’s known by the nickname “Bato.”

With friends like Duterte, Dela Rosa and Go, anyone would think twice before coming close to Seagal.