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Pure genius! Kit Tatad tells how GMA used draft Constitution to tell Duterte he’s stupid


House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo just schooled President Rodrigo Duterte how stupid his plan is to remove Vice President Leni Robredo through federalism by introducing a controversial provision in the draft Constitution pending in the House of Representatives.

Former senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad on Saturday (October 13) called the removal of the Vice President in the line of succession during the transition period a “class act” by Arroyo because of the messages it conveyed to Duterte.

In his Manila Times column, Tatad explained that former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Duterte’s favored vice presidential candidate, will not succeed him if the draft Constitution in its current form takes effect since the Senate President is first in the line of succession.

Should Marcos’ poll protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal fail, Robredo will step down by 2022 and the next vice president will have no official duties.

Despite these realistic scenarios, however, Duterte’s disdain for Robredo cannot be denied. He wants to take her out of the picture but he cannot mess with the Constitution.

For Tatad, House Majority Leader Rolando Andaya’s move to amend the controversial provision on succession in the draft Constitution was part of Arroyo’s plan to teach Duterte a lesson.

“The message has been delivered— GMA has sufficiently demonstrated that she fully supports DU30 in everything he wants to do. And through Andaya, she has succeeded in correcting an obvious error without telling DU30, to his face that he was dead wrong,” the former senator said.

“This is why I say her filing of her draft was a brilliancy, a ‘class act’ that’s not easy to imitate. She has morphed into a master politician,” Tatad added.

Cebu Rep. Raul Del Mar, who moved for the return of the draft Constitution to the Committee on Constitutional Amendments, earlier said Arroyo disagreed with the removal of the Vice President from the line of succession during the transition period.

Del Mar said it was Arroyo who ordered the proposed federal Constitution to be returned to the committee.