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The Purge: Duterte vows to rid government of all rogue politikos, judges linked to drugs


As if the current shame campaign is not enough, President Duterte has vowed that he will purge the government of rogue judges, prosecutors, local officials, military and the police in the all-out war against illegal drugs.

“There will be a purge in the government due to many policemen and government officials linked to drugs,” he said at a press conference after midnight on Tuesday (August 9, 2016) in Davao.

He added there is no need for him to declare martial law to rid the country of drug protectors, coddlers and users.

“There will be a purging actually. Without declaring martial law, I will cleanse this government. Mag-pu-purge talaga ang gobyerno sa mga may atraso. In the government itself,” Duterte said.

When he was mayor, Duterte said he already knew the gravity of the drug menace. It shocked him to know its magnitude when he became president, he added.

Duterte said this prompted him to order the intelligence community to come up with a validated list of all personalities engaged in illegal drugs.

“Nagtataka din ako. Bat umabot 600,000 (addicts)– may judge, may police, may barangay captain, may konsehal, may mayors,” he said, referring to those who have been protecting these syndicates.

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