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Puro bira, ‘di nagbabasa! Lacson calls Bobi Tiglao ‘stupid’ over pro-GMA column


Senator Panfilo Lacson has called Manila Times columnist Rigoberto “Bobi” Tiglao stupid for claiming he has an “unhealthy obsession” with former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Lacson threw shade at Tiglao in a tweet posted Wednesday (March 13) by citing a provision of the Constitution alongside the title of the Arroyo-era Cabinet Secretary’s column.

“Art VI Sec 26 (2) – ‘Upon the last reading of a bill, no amendment thereto SHALL be allowed, xxx’ (emphasis supplied). IT’S THE CONSTITUTION, STUPID!” he said.

In his column, Tiglao said Lacson is “damaging” his credibility by accusing the Arroyo-led House of manipulating the proposed 2019 national budget even after its ratification.

“Lacson is portraying the Senate and the House of Representatives as cheating gangs trying to hoodwink each other by changing the provisions of the budget bill they had already agreed on,” he said.

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