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All talk and no action.

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has raised suspicion behind President Duterte’s alleged inability to sue big-time drug lords in court.

In his latest post on Twitter, Trillanes noticed Duterte’s penchant to rant about the illegal drug trade but has not yet filed a case against drug dealers. Only a “dense” person, Trillanes said, would not realize the reason for Duterte’s alleged inaction.

“For all his yapping against drugs, duterte has yet to file a single case against big-time druglords. One would have to be so dense not to figure this out,” the former lawmaker tweeted.

Speaking to the nation Monday night, President Duterte said his anti-drug campaign will continue regardless of the criticisms raised by human rights groups. Duterte said he would show no mercy for those involved in the illegal drug trade.

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