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Puro glitch na lang! Senate gives Comelec-Smartmatic P10.18B budget and it comes up with shit

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Senator Joel Villanueva is still scratching his head how the Commission on Elections and could suffer an epic, 7-hour glitch in the transmission of unofficial results.

Villanueva said the Comelec received a massive allocation in the 2019 budget and the only excuse it could give out for the computer breakdown was “Java error.”

“This glitch is so weird We gave Comelec P10.18B budget for this year. We have the right to know what’s really going on? #unbelievable,” said Villanueva on Twitter 13 hours after the end of the May 13 voting.

Senator Win Gatchalian was disappointed with the latest snafu of the Comelec-Smartmatic tandem which has been handling automated elections since 2010.
“The hallmark if this automated elections is transparency through real
time results. But tonight, we are kept blind with the national
election results,” said Gatchalian.

Political strategist Malou Tiquia chimed in with her criticisms: “10 Billion taxpayers money for this election n by midnight and at 89% in COMELEC server, no national results made public!”

The number of election returns was erratic early Tuesday morning as the number of processed forms dropped from 92.89 percent as of 5:20 a.m. to 49.76 percent at around 6:21 a.m. This caused a furor among media networks and organizations tracking the results from the transparency server.

Comelec apparently has not learned from the past. In 2016, a change of script in in the transparency server also marred the national elections.

The server glitch is on top of complaints of hundreds of vote counting machines of Smartmatic breaking down, SD cards of Silicon Valley found to be defective, useless marking pens, and lack of indelible ink.

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