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Puro pa-pogi inatupag! Tugade is Duterte’s most ‘ground breaking’ official


President Rodrigo Duterte has widely praised his San Beda buddy, Transportation Secretary Art Tugade, for being a self-made billionaire even before he joined government as Clark Ecozone chief during the Aquino administration.

But columnist Boo Chanco thinks Tugade’s management style did not transition well into his move to government, specifically under the Duterte administration.

“Tugade has a management style that does not assure cooperation and respect of subordinates. He has lost at least six usecs and asecs over the last two years. Ask those people why they left and they give you a meaningful smile. If you have such a high attrition rate of your senior staff in a private enterprise, your board of directors will start asking questions” said Chanco in his Philippine Star column.

Chanco said Tugade has ” lost his promise” after getting “mangled by politicians like the former House speaker (Bebot Alvarez).”

Sadly, like fading star, Chanco said Tugade has resorted to making the most of his time in the limelight with his “ground breaking” activities.

“The only enthusiasm Tugade now has is for high profile publicity. He even invented a ceremony called ‘station marking’ to send the false message that the North Rail project has started. He also likes ‘ground breaking’ ceremonies. He had one for the Common Station about a year ago, but construction has not started. I am not sure if a contract has been awarded to build it,” said Chanco.