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Putin ain’t a pushover! Duterte raves about Russia’s nuclear arsenal

President Rodrigo Duterte believes Russia will be the last country standing in case of a nuclear war because of its newly acquired nuclear arsenal.

In a speech in Pampanga Wednesday (March 7), Duterte said Russia is “no pushover” when it comes to nuclear weapons.

“You know, if war breaks out, America will melt first, but Russia and China will also follow suit. Kung bitawan nila lahat ‘yang nuclear warheads nila, it’s the end of the world,” he said.

“Pero ang Russia is no pushover. Sabi nga nila they have a — invulnerable missile that cannot be stopped. And Putin would not make that statement — that was really a threat. Hindi ‘yun advertisement,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week announced that his country had acquired new nuclear weapons that can evade a US-built missile shield and hit any point in the world.

Compared to Russia, Duterte said the United States’ nuclear arsenal doesn’t stand a chance of withstanding a nuclear attack.

He said this is the reason why the US, along with France and the United Kingdom, are promoting human rights.

“Sino man ngayon ang sa America? France, inutil. British, inutil. Sige tuloy — sige tuloy human rights, human rights. In this world, they are promoting human rights,” Duterte said.

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