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Rappler wants blood after Jiggy Manicad gives honest opinion: Sana ‘di ka na makabalik sa media!


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A news editor of Rappler wishes former journalist Jiggy Manicad ill for saying that there was legal basis for the tax evasion charges filed against the website’s owners.

In an online newsletter posted this week, Miriam Grace Go said it was “unforgivable” for Manicad, a senatorial candidate, to say that Rappler’s legal woes were not proof that press freedom is under attack in the Philippines.

As a former member of the media, Go said Manicad “should have been more sensible than make a sweeping claim that the entire sector is not bullied, pressured, or exposed to danger for reporting in a way that does not please this administration.”

“Should Manicad lose in the senatorial elections – and he will – his home studio GMA-7, and other media networks for that matter, should not let him get through the revolving door,” she said.

In an interview aired over One News’ “The Chiefs,” Manicad said: “I think the government has basis to say there are foreign funds that went into Rappler and it’s a violation of the constitution.”

While Manicad, a former GMA News talent, said Rappler’s “handling” of stories might have played a role in the jumpstarting the government’s investigation, the cases it is facing are not proof of harassment.

“Now, because of that handling, someone got angry and ordered an investigation, does it really translate to an attack on press freedom? How come in other networks, it’s not like that?” he said.

To puff up her rant, Go quoted fellow Rappler editor Glenda Gloria, who insulted Manicad in a separate social media post.

Gloria said: “My problem with Jiggy Manicad is not his point of view. It’s his distorted sense of reality, his utter indifference to facts, his lack of basic research, and the gall to put all of that on display.”

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