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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has authorized the grant of duty allowance to government personnel who volunteer for deployment to the coronavirus (Covid-19) mega swabbing facilities.

In signing Administrative Order No. (AO) 31, Duterte directed national government agencies and government-owned or -controlled corporations to provide volunteer personnel in areas under Enhanced Community Quarantine or General Community Quarantine a Covid-19 duty allowance amounting to P500 per day plus a maximum of 25 percent of monthly basic salary per person.

“In response to the call for volunteers, a number of government personnel have been enlisted to work in the MSFs and other designated Covid-19 swabbing and test results processing facilities, where exposure to health risks is an occupational hazard,” the President said.

To qualify for this benefit program, the personnel must occupy regular, contractual or casual positions, or engaged through contract of service, job order or other similar schemes, and have been deployed in the MSFs or other swabbing or test results processing facilities on the prescribed official working hours by the head of agency or office.

Under AO 31, the rate of the Duty Allowance shall be based on the number of days an employee is deployed for work or the requisite training, as certified by the head of the designated facility or the supervising officer of such work station.

The grant of the Covid-19 Duty Allowance shall be effective from the beginning of operations of MSFs and other designated swabbing and test results processing facilities, Duterte’s latest directive also read.

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