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Jun Evasco threatens to quit if Jason Aquino stays in NFA ‎Council

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The National Food Authority Council ain’t big enough for Cabinet Secretary ‎Jun Evasco and NFA Administrator Jason Aquino.

Evasco had moved to oust ‎Aquino from the NFA Council a month before his protégé, Undersecretary Maia Chiara Halmen Valdez, was fired by President Rodrigo Duterte last Thursday.

In his March 8 letter to NFA Council members a copy of which was obtained by Politiko, Evasco moved for Aquino’s ouster from the body for unilaterally sitting on the NFA Council’s decision to extend the minimum access volume import program by one month from February 28 to March 27 this year.

‎”Otherwise, it is with a heavy heart that I shall resign as the Council’s chair for I could not be more disgusted by this crook’s extremely reprehensible acts that made a mockery of the National Food Authority,” Evasco added.

Aquino has opposed Evasco’s import plans through private groups because he believed this would be detrimental to Filipino farmers.

Evasco is chairman of the NFA Council in an ex-officio basis as the NFA was among 12 agencies transferred to his office by Duterte last July. Aquino is his co-chair.

Evasco said that since Duterte appointed Aquino last January, the former Major who took part in the 2006 mutiny against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has not attended any council meeting.

‎In his letter, Evasco said Aquino’s membership should be “severed” from the NFA Council for his “adverse principles if any.”

“We, as the duly constituted Council, charged with the duty to safeguard the nation’s food security, shall stand firm and vote for Jason Aquino’s expulsion,” Evasco said.

“He does not belong in this policy-making body for he did nothing but willfully waste all the opportunities and confidence that had been reposed in him as the NFA’s Administrator,” he added.