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Religious war? Duterte to pit Russian Orthodox Church vs Catholic Church


President Rodrigo Duterte will open the country’s doors to Russian Orthodox missionaries apparently to counter ease the grip of the dominant Roman Catholic Church which has been critical of hos administration.

“I’m planning to invite the Russian Orthodox missionaries to come to the Philippines so that we can look for a place where we can build the Orthodox Church. It was built many years ago by the Russians, 1922.

This was destroyed. It’s an old dilapidated…,” said Duterte during the Valdai International Club forum.

Duterte opened up about his testy relationship with the bishops and priests who oppose his bloody drug war.

“Well, this has been the issue in the Philippines, that they have a President who’s a murderer. I assure you. I have a religion. And they say that, well, bishops and all of this… They’ve been attacking me.

And I said, “Your religion is not… I have my own God,” said Duterte.

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