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US President Donald Trump was put on the spot in a press conference at the White House after he said that he had the biggest win in the presidential race since former US President Ronald Reagan.

Trump won against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last November.

“I’m here following through on what I pledged to do. That’s all I’m doing. I put it out before the American people, got 306 electoral college votes because people came out and voted like they’d never seen before. So that’s the way it goes. I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan,” he said, based on a video uploaded on Facebook by Channel 4 News.

NBC news reporter Peter Alexander pointed out that former President Barack Obama got 332 electoral votes (in 2012) and 365 (in 2008) while former President George H.W. Bush, 426.

“Why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive as being fake when you’re providing information that is fake?” Alexander, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, asked Trump.

The President could only say, “Well I don’t know, I was given that information. Actually, I’ve seen that information around. But it was a very substantial victory, do you agree with that?”

“You’re the President,” the reporter replied.