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Reunion: Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo talk about their ‘strongest link’


Vice President Leni Robredo has reunited with her running mate Mar Roxas on the sixth death anniversary of her husband former Interior and Local Government Jesse Robredo.

Roxas dropped by at Robredo’s program over the weekend at RMN and talked about Jesse, their strongest link, and their political plans.

“One of my favorite people graced our radio program this morning to talk about Jesse, our strongest link I have seen him only about a handful of times since the 2016 campaign but he always remembers my girls -always asking about them, bringing them little somethings from his trips, sending them food that they love, etc,” she wrote on Facebook.

“In many ways, he continues to look after my daughters. Am sure Jesse is saying ‘Hindi siya nagkamali pagpili ng kaibigan,’” she added.

Robredo said it was also the first time since the 2016 elections that she and Roxas talked about his 2019 political plans.