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Ricardo Saludo: Whose fault is it if the chief executive screws up?


Ricardo Saludo: If a company hires a CEO who has never run even a small business all his life, and did not even distinguish himself in policy deliberations with other business people, whose fault is it if the chief executive screws up? The Manial Times

Ricardo Saludo: Or worse: What if shareholders applaud the boss even when he plays fast and loose with company by-laws, abets incompetent and anomalous golfing buddies in the firm, and gives generous bonuses to board directors after they voted out the vice-chairman who pointed out the chair’s violations? The Manila Times

Ricardo Saludo: Is it then just the head honcho to blame if he proceeds to repeatedly break corporate rules, play favorites with the executives, and raid the treasury with no regard for the board-approved investment and expenditure plan? If you are thinking that this scenario is an allegory for the current administration, you’re absolutely right. President Benigno Aquino 3rd would not have betrayed the public trust as much as he has if the public, especially mainstream media, weren’t so trusting and even fawning, swallowing the hype against common sense and contradictory actions. The Manila Times

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