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Richest Pinoy kasi asawa! Cynthia drops P36M for prime time ‘roadblock’ ads in ABS-CBN, GMA


P36 million in campaign ads is just a drop in the bucket in the P280 billion net worth of he country’s richest Filipino, former Senator Manny Villar.

A Politiko source said Villar’s wife, re-electionist Senator Cynthia Villar, was able to grab the much coveted prime time TV slots of media giants ABS-CBN and GMA with ‘roadblock’ campaign ads.

Nielsen defines an advertising roadblock as a campaign strategy where “all networks air the same ad at the same time and no member of the audience one can get through without seeing the ad.” Nielsen explained how a roadblock would turbocharge an ad campaign: “Everyone who is watching television at the time of the roadblock is exposed to the ad. No one is exposed to the ad more than once because no one can watch two programs at one time.”

In Cynthia’s case, her team would air a 60-second TV commercial from January 28 to February 11 during the 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. slot. This would not count on her election spending cap because the meter won’t start until February 12, the first day of the 90-day campaign period.

The source said Villar would fork out P1.3 million to each TV station every time they play her campaign ad or a total of over P36 million for the 14-day campaign period.

Villar is richest Filipino in January

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