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Right choice! Guevrra approves of Martires’ appointment as Ombudsman


Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra believes President Rodrigo Duterte made the right choice in picking Supreme Court (SC) Associate Justice Samuel Martires as the next ombudsman.

“He is the right man for the job,” said Guevarra on Friday (July 27).

Supreme Court (SC) Associate Justice Samuel Martires has been picked to become the next ombudsman.

Last Thursday (July 26), Duterte announced that he chose Martires to replace former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales whose seven-year term has already ended.

Martires bested two other candidates in the shortlist submitted by the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) to Duterte for selection.

The others in the short list are former Sandiganbayan Presiding Justice and incumbent Ombudsman Special Prosecutor Edilberto Sandoval who received five votes from the JBC and Duterte’s law schoolmate at the San Beda College, lawyer Felito Ramirez, who got four.

Martires, who is the law schoolmate of Duterte in San Beda College, led the voting with six votes from the JBC.

He was appointed as SC magistrate back in March 2017 by the President.

Prior this, Martires served as magistrate of the Sandiganbayan.