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Rigoberto Tiglao: Abad is not only the architect of the DAP…


Rigoberto Tiglao: I think garapal–which I would translate as “astonishingly, blatantly greedy”–would be the precise word. I’m reminded of a slogan I’m sure Abad was fond of in his anti-Marcos youth: “Sobra na, tama na.” (“This is too much. Enough!”)  The Manila Times

Rigoberto Tiglao: Abad is not only the architect of the DAP, which, he has been insisting was done to stimulate the economy. He also implemented the DAP, and really had more say than President Aquino as to who got the DAP money, and how much.  The Manila Times

Rigoberto Tiglao: And he gave P133 million to his home province, the tiniest in the country with a population of a purported 16,403 souls. The PCIJ’s figure surprised me as the data I had based only on the “Detailed List of DAP Projects” released by the budget department showed a much smaller amount of P11 million that miniscule Batanes received.  The Manila Times

Rigoberto Tiglao: Abad should have just distributed the money to the ATM accounts of the constituents of his wife, Congresswoman Heredia Abad, and each one would have had P11,533 in savings accounts, which they could have used as seed money for their pension plans. The Manila Times

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