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Rigoberto Tiglao: Even Malacanang is now frightened by the likely decision of the Court, so that it has rejected the draft bill to implement the pact made by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, an agency created by Aquino himself. This has shocked the commission and even the government’s chief negotiator, Miriam Ferrer-Coronel, who thought they were merely translating into a bill the agreemen Aquino approved early this year. Manila Times

Rigoberto Tiglao: Under the CAB, the Bangsamoro will be headed by its “Chief Minister,” who almost certainly, will be the MILF chairman. He answers to no one in the Philippine Republic, only to the 50-man “Bangsamoro Assembly” that elects the Cabinet of Ministers, who in turn, chooses the Chief Minister. This is in contrast to the arrangement in the two existing autonomous regions –in Muslim Mindanao and in the Cordilleras – which the Constitution authorized, and its Section 16 specifies: “The President shall exercise general supervision over autonomous regions to ensure that law faithfully executed.” Manila Times

Rigoberto Tiglao: Nowhere in the entirety of this new pact and its annexes is there such a provision. In fact, nowhere in those documents is there even a mention of the Philippine President – the symbol of the Republic, the head of state and of government. The only instance the President is mentioned was when he is named as one of the four people in “whose presence” the CAB was signed. Manila Times

Rigoberto Tiglao: How then can a President claim any mandate to rule if the Supreme Court rejects five of his crucial programs as unconstitutional: PDAF, RH, DAP, the Bangsamoro pact, and the defense agreement with US? Such rejections by the Court cold mean either he doesn’t understand the Philippine Constitution, or that he thinks, as his fan Gina Lopez has articulated, that it is just “a piece of paper.” Very likely, that “piece of paper” will bring aquino down. Manila Times.