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It’s one of those books you won’t be able to put down once you begin.

Vice President Leni Robredo is swept away by the “The Battle of Marawi” book written by journalist Criselda Yebes.

The book, which traces the five-month battle between government forces and Maute-led forces in the 2017 siege of Marawi, is such a great read that Robredo wants to visit the war-torn city again. She said the book, which kept her away until past midnight, is “highly recommended.”

“I’m sharing with you the book I just finished reading today. It’s a gripping account of the war in Marawi, written by Criselda Yabes. It has kept me awake until way past midnight and is highly recommended,” Robredo said in a Facebook post.

“I have been to Marawi so many times because we have a lot of programs there. In fact, I celebrated my birthday there last year. I have also visited ground zero twice and reading this book makes me want to go back to retrace the steps of our valiant soldiers,” she said.

After reading the book, Robredo expressed anew her gratitude for the heroism and sacrifices of the country’s soldiers.

“I tried to recall the many wakes I went to and the many hospital visits I made to the wounded and the stories they shared. I will be forever proud and grateful for their bravery and the many sacrifices they did and continue to do for the country,” she said.

Robredo shared her latest book read after being asked about what titles she has been reading.

She admitted that she does have the “luxury of time” to read all books she wants. The veep also said she still prefers hard copies rather than e-books.

“I don’t quite enjoy reading from my ipad. I still prefer hard copies. And I have accumulated quite a substantial number already that I don’t know when I would have the time to read all of them,” she said.

Been getting a lot of questions about books – the titles I have, what I’m currently reading, etc. That will require a…

Posted by Leni Gerona Robredo on Thursday, October 8, 2020

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