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Rodriguez: ‘Contentious’ federalism proposal now in House back-burner

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Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez admitted on Tuesday that the House committee on constitutional amendments had temporarily placed the federalism proposal in the “back-burner.”

The chairman of the committee said they opted to have “piecemeal” discussions on the Charter change proposal and the federalism proposal because the latter was too contentious.

“But it’s part of the second Resolution of Both Houses I filed, so we’ll also discuss that. But the only purpose why we’re trying to have a piecemeal thing is because federalism is really a very contentious issue,” Rodriguez told reporters.

“Now apparently the DILG and interagency has not recommended that. So we can say the federal system is in the back-burner,” he said.

Rodriguez said the committee had recalled the Cha-cha proposal to listen to the proposals of the DILG and an interagency task force on constitutional reforms.

His committee earlier approved an unnumbered RBH proposing to extend the term of lawmakers and to lift the economic restrictions of the Constitution.

But on Tuesday, Rodriguez said the lawmakers would “go back to the drawing board” for more public consultations.

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