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Roman Romulo hits Cebu Pacific: Did he forget his brother runs Gokongwei owned Esquire?


Is there a brewing fight between the brothers Pasig Rep. Roman Romulo and Esquire editor in chief Erwin Romulo?

In a statement on Oct. 6, 2015, the Romulo congressman hit the Cebu Pacific for its systems update mess which contributed to delays and cancellations of flights.

Rep. Romulo is the brother of Esquire editor-in-chief Erwin Romulo. Esquire is a magazine under Summit Media, owned by publishing mogul Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, who in turn is the sister of Cebu Pacific CEO Lance Gokongwei. They are the children of the powerful business tycoon John Gokongwei.

The representative urged the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, Civil Aeronautics Board, and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to tighten its supervision of airline scheduling because of Cebu Pacific’s systems update mess.

“The different concerned agencies must not only be advised about airline systems upgrading, but it must be able to tightly monitor and coordinate such events to protect the riding public from careless glitches… I believe those glitches once they lead to confusion are potentially dangerous as well,” Romulo said.

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