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Roque confirms shooting campaign ad: Bayad na eh!


By Prince Golez

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. admitted he shot a television ad in his campaign for senator.

“I shot it because it has been paid for… I’ve had to pay for it. It was paid for like months ago,” Roque said in Tuesday’s press briefing in Malacanang.

“You know we’ve had plans. Whatever has happened in the last few days were really major deviation from plans even the President knew about. Come on, for the past five or six months he’s been calling me senator; he’s been for all intents and purposes endorsing my bid the Senate,” he said.

Roque said he was “taken aback” President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement during the dinner with Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc. that the spokesman should abandon his Senate bid.

“It was a game changer. It was a change in tone. But, I think there was an agreement on what I would be doing ahead of time,” he added.