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Roque slams ‘yellow’ politicking over coronavirus: United States gave us deadlier viruses but we didn’t ban Americans

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Now is not the time for politicking and xenophobia.

Former Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque has slammed the “yellow” forces for politicizing the coronavirus issue to just to take a jab at the Duterte administration.

Roque dismissed as “rubbish” the allegations of administration’s enemies that the belated travel ban from visitors from China was due to President Duterte’s supposed subservience to the Asian giant. He said it was actually science that led to the President’s decision.

“Yes, I’m sure our newfound friendship did count in PRRD’s decision. What is wrong with that? After all, as Filipinos, we know the true value of friendship. By waiting for scientific basis before joining the bandwagon to isolate China, we showed that only necessity will compel us to isolate a friend,” he said.

“And unless we forget, it was not just China that gave us an epidemic, such as the nCoV. The United States gave us far deadlier viruses, and we did not ban Americans from our territory. The point is any decision to seal borders with any foreign country must be based on science and not panic and hysteria,”he added.

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