Russia could be PH’s partner in energy building, says Velasco

Russia could be PH’s partner in energy building, says Velasco

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MANILA – House Committee on Energy chair and Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco said Russia could be the country’s new partner in building new sources of energy.

Velasco who joined President Rodrigo Duterte during his five-day state visit to the former Soviet Union said Russia is involve various forms of energy production “which could be tapped to help boost our country’s energy requirements.”

The issue of energy one of the topics discussed in the bilateral talks between Manila and Moscow during Duterte’s second visit to the nuclear-power nation last week.

Velasco noted that 68 percent of Russia’s energy production comes from thermal energy, 16 percent from hydro and 16 percent nuclear.

Russia is also known as having the largest natural gas reserves in the world; the second largest coal reserves, and the eighth largest oil reserves.

Velasco is confident that Russia and the Philippines “may well be good partners in building more sources of energy in the field of natural gas and thermal energy production.”

“We are rich in geothermal energy and our seas, we have lots of them, could also be harnessed for thermal energy production,” said Velasco.

The energy panel chair said the country is now geared towards cleaner sources of energy and that natural gas and geothermal energy could fuel the country’s electricity requirements.

Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta shared Velasco’s view, adding since there is a need for the Philippines to look for other sources of energy—Russia being a major player in almost all forms of energy could fit well as a new option for the country.

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