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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has warned Filipinos against buying face masks online.

In a speech aired Friday morning, Duterte urged the public to be more discerning when shopping for a mask to protect against coronavirus.

“Yang mga scam ngayon, mga mask mag-order kayo through online, susmaryosep. Do not go for that kind of shit,” Duterte said in a taped public address aired Friday morning.

“Yung magbili-bili kayo online ng mask tapos ang ka-text ninyo is from Pampanga, from Abra. Saan man sila kukuha ng mask doon? Wala nga dito sa Manila. Dito kayo sa Maynila, sa mga holdupper, pwede pa, pwede kayong bumili, meron pa yang stock mga animal na yan,” the President said.

He also encouraged consumers to check the package first before payment.

“Be careful, lokohan ‘to ngayon. The best is give me the goods, I pay you. Or, better still, give me the goods, I will examine it, if it’s really the one that I ordered then I will pay you. Wag kayong bumili ng mga online-online, lalo na magpadala kayo ng pera,” Duterte said.

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