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Sabihin mo na: Nearly half of Pinoys believe Duterte has health problems, majority says his condition a public matter


Nearly half of Filipinos believe that President Rodrigo Duterte has health problems, according to the latest survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations.

The poll also showed that majority or 61 percent of Filipinos believe the President’s state of health is a public matter and they should be informed about it.

Results of the survey conducted between September 15 to 23 showed 45 percent believe Duterte has health problems while 26 percent do not believe there is something wrong with him.

The remaining 29 percent are undecided about the matter.

Half of Filipinos, or 55 percent, worry that Duterte will have health problems while 44 percent do not see any cause for concern in the future.

The survey also showed that those who believe that Duterte has existing health problems are highest in Metro Manila, in urban areas, and among the upper classes and those with higher educational attainment.

The greatest proportion of those who worry that Duterte will have health problems comes from his bailiwick, Mindanao, at 61 percent, followed by Metro Manila at 59 percent, Balance Luzon at 53 percent and Visayas at 51 percent.

The SWS survey was conducted nationwide with 1,500 adults as respondents. It had a margin of error of plus/minus three percent for national percentages.

Duterte recently disclosed that he was at Cardinal Santos Medical Center for another round of medical tests.

His visit to the hospital was the reason he skipped an event in Malacañang on October 3.

Following Duterte’s disclosure, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said doctors found “growth” in the President’s digestive tract but insisted there is no cause for concern about his health.