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Sagot kita! Duterte dangles promotion & amnesty for cops


For the nth time, President Duterte told policemen on Monday that he is ready to owe up to the charges of human rights violator or even murderer in connection with his blanket authority to lawmen to go after drug suspects and kill them if necessary.

“Sabi ko sa kanila somebody has to go to prison or ako magpakulong wag kayo mag alala ako magpakulong as comm on chief ako may kasalanana ako nag utos akin yun di kanya kung di ko ganunin kawawa pulis,” Duterte told cops in Zamboanga City.

Duterte boasted anew of the powers of the President to grant pardon or conditional pardon or amnesty in a bid to free any person who would face charges in relation to his campaign.

“Sabi ko sa Constitutional powers of the President, no. 7 the President shall have the power to grant pardon, conditional or pardon or grant amnesty with the concurrence of Congress,” he said.

Without directly saying he was condoning acts of killing, Duterte even said he can promote the cops after getting entangled into legal woes.

“… ano gusto nyo andyan Constitution, bukas itong linya ito pardon isang linya pardon restore to full civil pol rights plus may promotion one rank higher,”he added.