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Sagot ko pati abogado niyo! ‘Lameduck’ Duterte tells cops to continue drug war despite criticism


President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday (August 8) reiterated his resolve to continue the war against illegal drugs, assuring policemen of support in case they find themselves in dire straits for doing his bidding.

In a speech at the Philippine National Police’s 117th anniversary in Camp Crame, Duterte said he assumes all responsibility in the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

He said he’s determined to go after drug traders because he has nothing else to lose.

“I do not give a s*** about criticism for criticisms after all do not make a country progress and develop,” Duterte said.

“Look, I have hit the firewall. I cannot run again. For all intents and purposes, actually I am a lame duck President. If you are talking about politics, okay. I will not interfere anyway because after this, I cannot even run for a barangay captain,” he added.

The President urged policemen to do their duty even if they might face charges because of going after drug suspects.

“Just do your duty, wala kayong isipin. I will provide the lawyer for you. You have to do is call the police office. I have a small cubicle there manned by police and military. And that unit takes care of police and soldiers who find themselves in a fix and I will provide you the lawyer,” he said.

Aside from providing legal support to policemen who face charges, Duterte said he will also continue paying their salary in case they are suspended while an investigation is ongoing.