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There is a friendly basketball wager in the Angara household.

Senator Sonny Angara is betting Boston Celtics will win while son Manalo is rooting for Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference finals. This is the first time Boston and Mia will face off in the Eastern Conference finals since 2012.

Game 1 went to the Heat after beating Celtics 117-114. Unfortunately, this meant Angara lost the bet to his son. Angara had to do 50 push-ups while wearing a black jersey of former Miami basketball star Dwayne Wade.

“Celtics weren’t the only ones who lost game 1 to the Heat. I lost to my (fake)Miami Heat fan son and had to do 50 push-ups in their jersey 🥴🤮☘️☘️☘️” Angara said.

The senator shared the video of himself doing the penalty. In the video, his son spilled the beans about the wager with his dad.

“I had a bet with my dad. We had a bet about Game 1 wherein if the Celtics were going to win, I have to do 50 push-ups. And if the Heat won, he have to do 50,” Manolo said.

Tootsy Angara, wife of the senator, chimed in eagerly about the friendly bet between her hubby and son. “Hahaha sayang the video was cut!! The ending was epic!” she said.

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