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Saklolo! OFW in UAE seeks help for newborn, wife


An overseas Filipino worker in the United Arab Emirates is asking for help for his frail premature newborn son and for his wife, after they racked up a large hospital bill there.

Henniric Castro said his wife Maria, who was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia, and newborn Hendelson Matthew are in intensive care and need help, Gulf News reported.

The baby weighed only 765 grams at the time of birth and was too fragile to be held.

“I don’t expect anyone to give the money directly. If anybody can go to Latifa Hospital, and just donate something. Any amount will do,” he said.

Maria had been in Latifa Hospital in Dubai since Dec. 30, where complications and the baby’s fading heartbeat prompted doctors to perform an emergency caesarean.

Castro, the family’s sole breadwinner, has lived in Dubai for six years as an assistant engineer with a salary of just Dh5,000 per month.

His company has agreed to pay for some of the cost of keeping the baby in the incubator.

But these have helped little, with requests to charities not getting any response. “I just want some financial assistance,” he told Gulf News.

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