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Sandiganbayan rejects ex-PRC chair Manzala’s appeal for leave to file demurrer


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The Sandiganbayan 6th Division has turned down the motion of former Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) chairperson Teresita Manzala who sought leave to file a demurrer to evidence and challenge the evidence presented against her during the trial of her graft case.

In its resolution, the anti-graft pointed out that Manzala and her co-accused should instead present her defense instead in the trial.

“After a careful study of the documentary and testimonial evidence presented by the prosecution, the court finds that, if unrebutted, the same is sufficient to support a verdict of guilt against accused Teresita Manzala, Sarah Edna Tabije, Teofilo Gaius Sison, Alfredo Po and Tricia Camara for violation of Republic Act No. 3019,” the court’s 6th division said in the resolution promulgated on November 22, 2018.

Her co-accused include former Chief Professional Regulations Officer Sarah Edna Tabije, Regional Director Teofilo Sison, Commissioner Alfredo Po and Supervising Regulations Officer Tricia Camara.

Under the case, they are accused for their involvement in the alleged anomalous lease of an office space in Baguio City from 2011 to 2012.

The officials allegedly gave leased the office space at CTLL Building for P6.696 million without undergoing the required public bidding.

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