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Saving face! Inept flagship boss Vince Dizon wants to stop branding infra projects after Duterte’s Build program labeled ‘dismal failure’

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Don’t look now but the Duterte admnistration wants to put a stop to the media practice of branding infrastructure projects after the administration that made these initiatives.

Sinong defensive? Vince Dizon falls flat in defending infra projects, lectures media on how to do job

Bases Conversion Development Authority Chair Vine Dizon, a former senate staffer of Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, made the appeal after President Rodrigo Duterte’s much hyped “Build, Build, Build” program was branded a “dismal failure” by Senator Franklin Drilon who noted that only two of the 75 projects have been completed over the last three years.

Inuna kasi yabang! After bragging about a ‘golden age’ under Duterte, Vince Dizon now admits infra projects are not easy to grow like mushrooms

With Drilon doubting whether the Duterte administration could complete its remaining Build projects, Dizon is wants to make sure that the President would not suffer anymore embarrassment from his team’s epic fails.

Pikon, talo! Vince Dizon loses cool amid grilling over ‘Build, Build, Build’ projects

“Does it really matter if this Government or this Administration or that Administration started it? It shouldn’t, hindi ba? ‘Di ba, it’s the Government of the Republic of the Philippines,” said Dizon in a briefing where he blew his top from a barrage of blunt questions on his failure as a flagship project boss.

Nasaan mga kalye, tulay? Vince Dizon says Duterte has spent P1T for Build in 3 years; blames Aquino, GMA for poor infra

“I mean, I think we should stop branding governments as Aquino Government, Ramos Government, Estrada Government, kasi I think that’s where the problem now if continuity comes in eh. Because if we’re all focused on what this Administration started or what this one, then it gets into our mentality that if I didn’t start it, it’s not a priority. If I didn’t start it, it’s not important – hindi dapat ganoon,” said Dizon who had the temerity to lecture media on how to do its job.

Flop na, credit-grabber pa! 6 of 10 infra projects finished under Duterte were initiated by Aquino, Arroyo

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