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Say what? Tactless politiko lands in hot water with big boss over stupid remark


Tactless Politiko (TP) may soon be barred from press briefings after incurring Big Boss’ (BB) ire over a controversial remark he made about a hot topic recently.

Politiko’s source said BB was furious upon hearing what TP said because he made it appear there’s a plan to sabotage an important event that’s coming up in the next couple of months.

BB has made it clear that the important event should continue, so TP’s statement caught everyone off guard.

To appease BB, Influential Politiko (IP) offered to issue a clarification about TP’s remark. The plan, however, did not push through.

Colleagues may be cordial to TP, but he’s become a butt of jokes among social circles because of the tactless, sometimes controversial statements he makes.

A colleague of TP said he appeared to be on a different “wavelength” from his peers so they try not to mind him as much as possible.