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The Supreme Court (SC) has been urged to grant the temporary release of a female political prisoner who has already given birth.

Kapatid, the support group for political prisoners and their families, said 23-year-old Reina Mae Asis Nasino gave birth on July 1 at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila despite a pending petition before the SC seeking that she and 21 other political prisoner be granted temporary release.

“We lament that the Supreme Court is taking a long time to make a decision on the ‘urgent petition’ filed last April in which Reina Mae is one of the petitioners,” said Kapatid spokesperson Fides Lim in a statement.

“We regret that the High Tribunal did not take action with exigency,” she lamented.

Had the SC ruled on the petition, Lim said “Reina Mae could have given birth without fearing for her life and her child.”

Meanwhile, Lim appealed to the government to allow Reina Mae temporary release or bail to allow her to breastfeed her baby at the hospital.

“We hope that the government will take our appeal seriously as we want to avoid what happened to Andrea Rosal, a political detainee whose newborn died because of complications,” the spokesperson said.

Lim noted that Reina Mae’s lawyer intends to file a motion before the court asking that the detainee be allowed to be with her baby on humanitarian grounds.

The group’s spokesperson insist that Reina Mae is facing trumped up charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives over allegations of being a communist rebel.

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