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See you in court! Paolo Duterte accuses Trillanes of spreading black propaganda against him

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Former Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte is planning to file libel charges against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for spreading lies against him in connection with the alleged shabu smuggling last year.

Trillanes could not hide behind the cloak of parliamentary immunity since his libelous attacks against him were made in media interviews, the President’s son said.

Trillanes earlier accused the President’s son of being a member of a drug triad following Senate hearing on the controversial huge shabu shipment smuggled in the country.

In a statement, Paolo has accused Trillanes of “viciously destroying my name, maligning my reputation and integrity, and for deliberately manufacturing lies and spreading black propaganda against me.”

“Senator Trillanes manufactured lies and deliberately spread these lies with the obvious intention of destroying my name and maligning my reputation, with a view to impacting negatively against our beloved President,” he said.

“The Senator was apparently emboldened by his false reliance on and abuse of his parliamentary immunity. But this immunity does not apply to libelous remarks made during media interviews, clearly as these attacks were done outside the halls of the Senate — and definitely not when these were discharged with the pure intention of destroying me,” he said.