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Sen. JV will oppose martial law extension if there are abuses


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Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito said he would not think twice in opposing the extension of martial law if there were perceived unlawful act.

“One of our colleagues said we are a rubberstamp, we’re puppets. We are not. The Senate is still the last bastion of democracy, wanted to make sure that the rights of the people are protected,” Ejercito on Monday said.

The senator specifically laid down his “conditions” before agreeing to an extension – that there should be no atrocities or human rights violations; that the Constitution would continue to function; and there’s no impact at all to the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech or freedom of expression or basic rights.

He also dismissed the possibility of martial law being extended in terms of coverage, to include Metro Manila, citing the lack of need for it.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that the Maute group is already weakening. But it just took a little time for the AFP because it was not easy because of the terrain, it was an urban warfare. These terrorists were already able to get the vantage points. They were able to situate snipers all over the city in the high ground so that’s a very big advantage point when you talk about assault,l he said.

“Hopefully with the support we’re giving, we need to give to support the AFP, give them all the instruments that they would need so that they will be able to crush these rebellion the soonest possible time. Doesn’t have to go to Visayas, hopefully not in Manila, (but) yes that’s a concern,” he said.

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