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Senate has no choice but to follow Cayetano’s Oct 2020 franchise for ABS-CBN: Baka humaba pa usapan – Drilon

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But Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon said the House and Senate was working on a very tight schedule to give ABS-CBN provisional franchise with only nine session days before they adjourn.

This is the reason why senators have no choice but to scuttle their proposal to give ABS-CBN a temporary franchise up to June 2022 and adopt the bill pushed by Speaker Alan Cayetano which only gave ABS-CBN up to October 2020 to operate without a franchise.

“I don’t know if we have time to pass different versions and settle the issue in a bicam. If we adjourn on June 3 without approving a version, that’s it,” said Drilon in an interview with ANC.

“Time is very limited, we are given no choice but to approve the version of the House danger. If we don’t come out with recommendation in June this year, then the franchise cannot be renewed,” he added.

Based on Cayetano’s House bill, the temporary ABS-CBN franchise will take effect 15 days after publication.

Drilon said it remained to be seen if the President would veto the bill due to constitutional infirmities.

Hold the champagne! Drilon warns Duterte can still veto ABS-CBN’s temporary reopening on constitutional grounds

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