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MANILA, Philippines – The Senate held necrological rites for the late Senator Juan Flavier on Monday, November 17, paying tribute to a colleague whom they described as “a giant of a man despite his diminutive height.”

Flavier died of pneumonia last October 30. He was 79.

Senators received Flavier’s remains at 9:30 am, and took turns delivering eulogies for the man who served from 1995 to 2007. They hosted lunch for his family, relatives, senators, and guests at the Recto-Laurel Rooms after the necrological services.

Colleagues cited Flavier for his trademark wit and humor, his enviable appeal on the campaign trail, his work ethic, and how he has championed the causes of the poor and marginalized throughout his stint in government – as a doctor who shunned high-paying private practice to serve in the barrios, as health secretary who pushed for programs that would benefit the public despite opposition from conservative sectors, and as senator. Read more